But the guys aren't used to having white people around at work (I'm not either, apparently), which is something I realized after this conversation took place.

One of the warehouse guys was waiting for his ride and I looked through the window and said, "Hey, George! I think your ride is here."

He looks out the window and says, "Nuh-uh. That's a white dude in there."

I laugh and say, "What, you don't accept rides from white people?"

"Nope. Don't trust 'em."

And I start cracking the fuck up and then I remember, oh yeah! There's a white person here... So I look over at new coworker and say (jokingly), "Sorry, Anne. He's racist against white people."

And she sighs ostentatiously before saying, "It's okay. White people have, unfortunately, done some pretty messed up things to other cultures over the centuries." And then she started laughing with us!

So she's pretty damn cool. I'm looking forward to working with her. I'll even forgive her for dropping that box on my hand earlier today.