I love British shows. Love them. How I missed this one, I'll never know.

It's a competition show that follows a similar format to Four Weddings. There are four contestants who go to each other's homes for dinner parties and judge which is the best. The narrator is hilariously sarcastic.


Interesting part of this episode: an American themed dinner party featuring clam chowder and pumpkin pie. One of the dinner party guests had never had pumpkin pie.

Dinner party attendee Jemma:

"I have always wondered...how they [Americans] make pumpkin a dessert and sweet."

It's been on since 2005 I'm pretty aghast that I've missed it so far. Apparently it doesn't air on BBC America so there's my excuse.

Perhaps I'm watching this just to relax and this show is actually crap but I don't care. It's practically destroyed my nerves. Competitive dinner partying. What will they think of next?