As you may remember, one of the things I do at my job is visit dairy farms. They are always full of adorable kitties. And I finally gave in and took a couple home.

I have had a problem with chipmunks and other rodents eating my cow's feed. The usual solution to this is farm cats. Do they look like good hunters?

Maybe when they grow up a bit. I'm keeping them inside right now because I have to give them antibiotics for an eye infection twice a day. After that's taken care of they will live outside (where they came from). I do plan on keeping up on their vaccinations and getting them fixed, which is a heck of a lot more than they would have gotten running around the farm I got them from. In fact, they didn't even think the little white one was going to make it through the winter because she's tiny and her eye infection was quite bad. They've been on the antibiotics for a week and their eyes still seem to be getting worse though....

I've named them Luke and Leia. I don't actually know if they are siblings, but close enough. They are so cuddly and sweet. Just look at this!

Driving home from the farm:


At the farm:

At the vet:


Leia loves to be up by your face