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My New Love: Anatomy & Physiology, Who Knew?

I'm planning on applying to grad school this year to be an Occupational Therapist, but I have to take literally every single prerequisite, a total of six classes. I haven't had to study or take a test for about six years so I was pretty freaked out about jumping back into it... so naturally I decided to start with Anatomy and Physiology. Ease in. With a class that meets for three hours four times a week (next week I have two quizzes, an online quiz, a pre and post lab, and an exam and we don't even have class on Monday).

Who knew my liberal arts ass would love this shit? I got a 95 on my first quiz, which I studied for (and I knew the answer on the one I got wrong, dammit), and an 80 on the second one, which I didn't review for at all. The instructor is that rare breed of excellent teacher (with an MD, awesome), which is so important considering the insane amount of material this class is covering. I see a lot of note cards in my near future. All of a sudden I remember how much I fucking love school, I know, I'm a dork, but it's true! I'm so weirdly excited and I can't wait to dissect. We did a shark in eighth grade and it was the coolest thing (hm, maybe I should have gotten the hint a lot earlier).

I was always really good at math and science but for some reason was very resistant to choosing a major in a STEM field, much to my mother's dismay. I majored in Sociology with a minor in Art History. I studied in Florence. I flirted with the romantic notion of getting a phD in Art History and being a curator. Healthcare is the antithesis of what I saw myself doing but you really never know what's going to end up happening. At the very least I'll be guaranteed an unoutsourceable job. How practical of me... I guess that means I'm a grown up now.


I just stared at that last sentence for a few beats... how do I feel about this? I... don't really know. A little wistful, maybe? But I feel good about the path I'm taking. I used to be wary about going into a licensed field, what if I want to do something else some day? What if I box myself in? So I guess I've finally taken Katie's advice (would someone be so kind as to teach me how to embed the link to the article?). I've finally fucking chosen something.

Anyone else have reality smack them in the face? Maybe we're not always who we think we are, after all.

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