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My New Year's plans.

I will ring in 2014 at work. I will also be staying in the office for a few hours after that, because my roommate has told me she is planning on being asleep by 12:30 (which is when I clock out), and the thought of going home to a dark apartment is bleak-with-a-capital-B. Nobody else I know in this stupid city is even HERE.

Instead, I will surf the internet in the presence of the cool people with whom I work, and make a poster for something we're doing at 4 a.m. and basically be a hanger-on since I'm not technically on the clock. I will probably also skype/facetime with my parents and friends (while THEY are at parties).

Is that pathetic? My co-workers have assured me that it isn't, but what 20-something doesn't have anything better to do on NYE than...hang out at work? (And, really, it just highlights the fact that I don't have very many friends out here. It also highlights the fact that I have had very little human interaction this week because my work/sleep schedule doesn't overlap with my roommate's at all.)


I spent Christmas at work and/or alone too. *deep sigh*

ETA: Okay, so maybe it's not necessarily hanging out at work that's the problem. It's more that I'm starting to get lonely and stir-crazy from the lack of human interaction and I miss my family and as cool as my co-workers are, they aren't my best friends or my mom/dad/brother/dog.

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