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Welcome To The Bitchery
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My New Year's Resolution is to find new alcohol

OK, I know it is early but my New Year’s resolution is to find a new drink. For some reason, I don’t like wine any more- a lot of my tastes are just different since my baryatric surgery. I am looking for something that is *not* a mixed drink or particularly cool because I’m usually in a very down market Irish pub type bar when I would like a drink, but I also can’t be bothered when I am home either. I am thinking whiskey, scotch, bourbon type of things? I know I don’t like gin or vodka. The varieties of whiskey alone are overwhelming - what is smoky and does not taste like.... poison or something? I am going to a liquor store tomorrow to get some Cointreau to make an orange and chocolate cake so I thought I’d ask you guys tonight.

On a related note, are we anywhere near getting medical marijuana in NYS?

And some irony for free: autocorrect introduces many, many more mistakes into my posts than I ever mistyped.


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