You guys, I would like to take this space to formally announce my newest crush: Timothy Omundson.

I knew I liked him as Lassiter in Psych, but my crush on James Roday overshadowed him. Now that I’m watching Galavant, I’m realizing what a great comedic actor he really is. And I admire his range. So often, comedic actors play the same character over and over. Flamboyant King Richard is totally different from the stoic Lassiter. He also totally steals the show.


Mr. Omundson also seems like a genuinely nice guy. I really hope he’s not a jerk in real life, because I’ve been burned too many times before - but the outtakes I’ve watched from Psych suggest that he’s an affectionate goofball.

Happy Saturday, ladies of the vagenda! Who are you crushing on right now? Doesn’t have to be a man, of course. Feel free to post pretty pictures. :)