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Welcome To The Bitchery
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My ObGyn confirmed that I have a mass in my breast. :-(

A month or two ago I noticed that a portion of the tissue of my outside of my left breast was a lot harder than that of my right breast. And it would get sore when I felt and poked it a bit. I decided to schedule my annual pap and ask my Dr. about it. She did the breast exam and seemed very concerned when she came across the mass. Her face was just so gravely serious and it freaked me (is freaking me) the fuck out. She said it's a 3cm mass at 1 o'clock and 5cm from my nipple. I will be scheduling a mammogram and sonogram tomorrow. I'm in NYC, so I have a lot of places to choose from but I have no idea what's the best place. I'm going to try to find a place that does digital mammograms.

Anyway, this is really just more about me needing to vent, but I also wanted to hear if others have had experience with this. Also, does anyone in NYC have any recommedations for breast radiology/breast cancer treatment places?


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