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My Ode to the talented Amy Jo Jackson (not the Power Ranger)

How does Amy Jo Jackson only have 269 subscribers?

In my morning deep internet dive, I began with the best cast members of The Opposition: Aaron Jackson and Josh Sharp. The duo had me hooked months ago on their Funny or Die series “Ivanka and Jared.” 

Quickly, that led me to the beautiful trio of Josh Sharp, Aaron Jackson and his sister, AMY JO JACKSON:

The Opposition’s Aaron Jackson and Josh Sharp with Amy Jo Jackson

Broadway powerhouse ending YES! Helpful little YouTube sidebar led me to weird Mickey Mouse videos but also to the enticing title of “The Inevitable Sexist Medley.” After the first few minutes, I could only think of Roy Moore (and not just because of Jimmy Kimmel’s Roy Moore supporter segment). This is probably the best thing on her channel although everything deserves a watch.

From Amy Jo Jackson’s “I Want to Be Your Man.” Roy Moore indeed says “Thank Heaven.”

From the same show, my nerd nerve was tweaked forever with an all female cover of “Feed Me (Git it)“ from Little Shop of Horrors.

Lilli Cooper and Amy Jo Jackson at Feinstein’s/54 Below

Her range is way beyond mine but I relate to it. Even running karaoke for a few years, the male parts (such as Seymour or Hedwig from “Hedwig and the Angry Inch”) have always been easier and so much more fun for me. Like Steven Page from Barenaked Ladies. The genius is her delivery and choice (with collaboration) of songs, some troublesome Broadway classics.


Other Amy Jo Jackson hits

The woman has a paragraph-long testimonial from SIGOURNEY WEAVER on her website! WEAVER-APPROVED!

How this woman has less than 300 followers on YouTube, I have no idea.

To end, a cover of Postmodern Jukebox’s version of Shake it Off, performed during A GAY SHOW FOR ALL PEOPLE with the whole family (including adopted brother Josh Sharp):

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