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Welcome To The Bitchery

My OK Stupid Options:

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I've recently been on an in-box purge, but I saved a few doozies and now the reason why is clear to me. They were preserved for your enjoyment! Here's a fun historical sample of how the menz try to woo me:

For your consideration

Great profile,

More on me I just took political office. Love the outdoors and own a place in northern Wisconsin. I have always been a take charge guy... I feel your profile speaks Volumes, and quite frankly speaks to what I am looking for. Who knows maybe I am the antithesis of what your looking for. I would like to know. Nothing ventured nothing gained.

Some Questions to get a conversation started.

1. Where is the farthest you have been from the place you are sitting right now?

2. Look around the room you are in. pick an object you can see that has meaning and tell me about it.

3 If you are snowed in this weekend what will you do to pass the time?

4. What about my profile do you like, dislike?

Hope to hear from you


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