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Welcome To The Bitchery

I need a fat separator. I know, that sounds gross, doesn't it? For those unfamiliar, it's one of these ...

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They're really handy when you make roasts and stuff (which I happen to be making in the Crock Pot today) and you want to make gravy from the drippings, but you don't want them to be all greasy and stuff. The one I had, and have had for like probably 15 years, was this really flimsy plastic, and the last time I used it, I heard this really ominous *CRACK* as I poured the piping hot liquid from the Crock Pot into it. Sure enough, the liquid started dripping from a crack in the side and I had to make quick work of my separating. Which then made me question - why are these stupid things made of plastic? I mean, the very purpose of them requires that you pour piping hot liquids into them. So I hit a couple stores last night looking for a new one, knowing I was making roast tonight, and no luck. These things were everywhere in the South!

So now, I have no choice. I must face ... sigh ... Walmart. I freaking HATE going into Walmart. And if they don't have one, I'm going to have to drive to the other side of town to the only Bed, Bath, and Beyond around here. Youguise, I had to SHOWER for the sole purpose of going out to get a fat separator. This stuff is serious.

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