I have posted before about Mr Ivriniel’s assorted health issues. He has not been sharing much of the information with his brother because his brother tends to be a pain in the butt. That changed on the weekend, when he sent an email out to his whole family with an update.

I mentioned in an earlier post that ABiL responded to the email by calling Mr I and asking to see hard copy reports from all of Mr I’s various tests. Mr I didn’t have any and told him so. This was apparently

Apparently last night ABiL called their sister to ask if she had known about Mr I’s tests before the email. When he found out that she had, he had a bit of a freakout. He accused her of being “unprofessional as a nurse” for not sharing what she knew about Mr I’s medical tests with him.

Mr I’s sister was having none of that. She shut down his “unprofessional” talk by pointing out that she was following professional rules around confidentiality by not sharing Mr I’s private medical information without his consent.

She followed that up by asking ABiL why he thinks Mr I didn’t share this information with him before? And then she told ABiL that he was too judgemental and unsympathetic.


She says that in the end hashed things out a bit and the conversation ended amicably.

So far we haven’t heard anything from ABiL directly, but I figure that sooner or later that chicken will come home to roost.