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My Own Special Form of Anxiety.

So I am, by outsider accounts, very confident, sure of myself, outgoing. But I suffer from this fear of communication. Or fear of finding out. Like, I don't want to answer the phone, in case it's something bad. And I absolutely abhor listening to voicemails. I've addressed all this in therapy; it does not go away. Right now there is an email in my box that will tell me if the seller for the house we've been agonizing over will meet any of our requests (fix roof/chimneys/get rid of radon). I cannot open it. I am terrified. Does anyone else have this kind of problem? I'm sitting here all chest-panicky, worrying about what it says ,but I can't bring myself to open it because what if what it says makes me feel even worse than I do right now? Ugh. Help, please.


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