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My own unwanted houseguest, or why my gf is the worst sometimes.

Hello friends, I just need to whine a little bit about something because I can't do it in real life. One of my girlfriend's friends from out of town is coming to stay with us for a few nights starting this evening, and I'm just not that into it. Part of it is I don't even know why my girlfriend is letting this friend, let's call her S, stay here. My girlfriend and S used to be super close, but then like S got like a new circle of friends and starting acting like a total twat toward my girlfriend and they kind of a grew apart. Supposedly S got her head out of her ass and away from those new friends and is cool now, but I don't know. I've only met her once, and it was during her asshole phase, so I don't have the best impression of her. I've said as much to my girlfriend, but my girlfriend doesn't seem concerned about us all getting along or S potentially acting like a jerk.

There are also some logistical issues I feel like my girlfriend hasn't really considered. For example, I'm not really sure what S is going to do all day because my girlfriend and I both have to work. I guess S can just show herself around San Jose, which is fine, but then I suppose we'll have to make a copy of our keys for her so she can let herself in and out, but there are like 4 of them and my girlfriend left for the afternoon and I'm not paying to make keys for someone I'm ambivalent about staying here (because I'm petty like that). Also, my girlfriend keeps whining about having to hide all of her weed and not smoking in front of S because she's not sure if S is 420-friendly. I keep wanting to tell my girlfriend that if smoking is so important to her, then don't let people not down with weed stay here, but I've kept my mouth shut about that. I haven't been quiet about the fact I've had to clean the apartment by myself this weekend in advance of S coming because my girlfriend's been gone at a local conference for work. I swear my girlfriend doesn't even think about this stuff or even care about being a good house host. FML.


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