Joe is a pal of mine and his mom started deteriorating from early-onset Alzheimer's about 18 months ago. I was over at his parents' place for a Christmas party last year and it was clear the disease was kicking in, but she was still doing okay. In the last few months it's gotten a lot worse and they had to move her into a home, and up until recently Joe would go over and play for her. She doesn't recognize him anymore.

He posted this on facebook and we who are privileged to know them loved it enough that he ended up sharing it to Reddit. Now Buzzfeed has picked it up and the video has over a million views.

The only silver lining that could come out of this is if Joe's music takes off and he gets to play for a living. He's just fantastic and such a great person and it's so awful that his mom has been stolen from him at such a young.

Anyway, I wanted to share this with you all. That we can witness their love for each other is a gift.

Watch the video on Buzzfeed—sorry for the shitty link, I can't seem to embed the video or link through the text.…