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My parents are amazing & I'm really dumb - a story of last night

So last night, I decided to go into the city to meet up with some of my soon-to-be classmates in my program. It was the first time I would be meeting any of them, and I was suuuuper nervous. I have major anxiety over meeting new people or people I don't know well. I've been kinda shy all of my life, although I've gotten SO much better over time. Also, one of my fears is that people won't like me. Anyway, I had to take the train into the city, and although I was adamant that I could drive myself to the station, my mom said she would drop me off at the station and pick me up (I live at home) because I was having major anxiety about going and she wanted to put me at some sort of ease. And my parents said that they would pick me up from the station when I got back, too.

Anyway, everything went really well when I met up with some of my classmates. It was actually really fun. Nothing bad happened at that end. See, I have anxiety about social interactions BEFORE they happen and freak myself out during the time leading to the social interaction, but once I'm in it, I'm a lot more calm and outgoing. But to help me be calm just in case, I used relied on my friend Alcohol. And maybe I relied on her a bit too much because I got a bit too drunk. So when I had to leave to take the train, I started walking the complete opposite direction of where I needed to go, even though I normally know which direction I should be going in to get to that station. So I got lost. And missed my 12:15 am train.

Meanwhile, my parents called me to check up on me to see if I was going to the train station and I told them that I was going to miss the train. I was so embarrassed of myself because I hadn't planned to get drunk. So what do my parents do? They drive into the city to pick me up because they're just AMAZING, and I am so grateful for them. I know they were both so tired and that it was so inconvenient for them. I didn't ask them to do it, they were completely adamant about the fact that they were going to come to pick me up. I could've taken another train at 1:15, but they didn't want me to wait for that. They were really calm about coming to pick me up, and I apologized so much. I felt really upset that I was stupid enough to miss the train and that they had to come all the way to pick me up.


Anyway...TL;DR: I was so nervous to meet up with some of my classmates that I drank too much and missed my train home, so my absolutely wonderful, amazing parents came to pick me up because they're just the best. I don't know where I'd be without them <3

So that was my embarrassing story of the night. I'm disappointed in myself because, I don't know, I should've been smarter about my drinking. I'd let myself slide if I was still in college, but I'm almost 23 and should be more aware of myself.

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