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Welcome To The Bitchery

my parents need to knock this shit off

I don't know if I posted about this or not, but two weeks ago my dad had a heart attack. He's ok though- as far as heart attacks go, his was pretty minor and there's no lasting damage to his heart. He has to change his habits (oh yeah, I did post about this!) and quit smoking. So that health crisis passed and he's adopting habits and it's mostly all good.

So, of course, now it's my mom's turn! She found out yesterday that she has some sort of condition in her brain. It's minor, she assures me, but she needs to see a neurosurgeon (that word scares the shit out of me when connected with my mom) but they don't know exactly what it is yet or what they have to do to treat it.


You guys, I'm so scared. That's all.

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