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A lovely children's book about guns! Approximately 99% of you may have seen this because George Takei shared it on FB. I am really not going to go into any political gun-control rant here (but feel free to in the comments!) because I haven't read the book so maybe it's geared toward safety bla bla bla who knows.

But: go read the reviews. They are hilarious. What is even more hysterical, is that under the "editorial reviews" - the ones that the book uses to promote itself - is a Stephen Colbert quote, reading:

"What a beautiful bedtime story..." Stephen Colbert

It is surrounded by quotes from winners like Glenn Beck and folks at Breitbart. Anywho, just thought we could get a good laugh for those of us in tonight. Some highlights for me:

Can't wait for the sequel,. "My Black Parents Open Carried Until the Police Shot Them 146 Times".


Follow Brenna's journey from shooting her first stray cat to her heroic standoff against the ATF...You'll laugh, you'll cry...you'll buy Kevlar.


Very moving story. I read it right before "My Daddy Tried to Burn the Planned Parenthood"


Morally uplifting. How can it not be? With eyes that blue, they are clearly related to Jesus!


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