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My people! and The Client.

So I was meeting with another attorney last night to try to unwrap a truly hideous marriage situation.

I got to his conference room a little early and pulled out my pad and my fountain pen, which seemed to be having trouble (spoiler: it was bad paper). Anyway, I’m checking the feed when he comes in and says “Oh, do you need ink? I have some Mont Blanc ink in my office.”

Nice guy. My kind of people (we discuss leaks we’ve known for a few minutes). I don’t tell him that I don’t use Mont Blanc ink in my pens (J. Herbin or vintage Skrip only, please) but. 


Beyond the ink, just a genuinely nice guy. And given how complex this one is going to be, it’s good to have a friend on the other side.

Anyway, this morning I was supposed to meet with The Client. Got a series of texts starting before 6:00 this morning seeking to reschedule. So, on to tomorrow morning. We’ll see.

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