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My people are all over the goddamned news lately.

So it seems like last week or so has been pretty big for trans related topics. There was Cassiebear's post about Kristin Beck (and the main page version). There was the whole SheZow thing, which really only touched on trans issues because some people are afraid of us and anything that might even smell like us (although, I don't know why, I smell wonderful). And today the AP picked up this story about Isaak Wolfe—even though Huffpo had it in May—who has been getting royally fucked by the man lately.


The only conclusion I can come to is that we are basically here to take over the planet. Sorry guys, it's ours now.

Part of the reason for me feeling like we're everywhere is probably due to the cyclical nature of news (we tend to come and go as a topic)*. Part of it is probably due to me being really keyed into this issue, because, you know, it's part of my life and all... However, it does kind of make me hesitate to post the on the next couple of topics I've had floating around in my brain (tomorrow is my first day off in a while and I some stuff I wanted to write about) because I don't want to be that girl that posts tons of trans stuff to a general interest group, you know? But, at the same time, these are topics that I'd really like to talk about with a wider audience, rather than in just in trans spaces because a) I don't have as much of a place in those spaces anymore and b) you guys really tend to line up with me more politically (that's why I joined) and I think the most interesting discussions on these topics here.

This particular post doesn't seem to have a clear focus. I'm writing out of a Catholic guilt driven fear that it'll seem like I'm spamming the board with my thing and to say please continue to think of me as smart and funny** and not as that trans girl. Thanks, y'all***.

(ETA a story about a man finding out he's intersex just popped up on Gawker, not directly related, but IS people do raise questions about the definition of 'man' and 'woman')


*Okay you guys, can I write a single paragraph with out parentheses? Really, I think I have a problem. Sometimes I try to cover with appositives and Em Dashes, but I don't think anyone is fooled.


**If you don't think of me as smart and funny, you should start now, because I was goddamned hilarious out there today.

***Tammy Taylor voice.

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