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Apparently my phone somehow knows when I took a bunch of pictures right in a row, and then compiles them into a GIF? I have had it for 6 months and I just figured this out. This picture isn't that exciting but the fact that it's a gif is fun.

This is Seraph, enjoying the new type of feed I am trying, where I set this 225 pound tub of molasses and soybean meal out there and let them all eat as much as they want. I think she likes it! It's called HeiferSmart which makes me giggle a little — umm, I don't think it's making her any smarter....


Edited to include a few more gifs I found on my phone, made from pictures that were taken over the last six months...

Baby birds in a nest in the barn

Cows in the pasture


More cows in the pasture


For some reason Kinja hates the gif of my pup retrieving a disc, but I did post it in the comments, it's pretty dang cute.

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