I can't believe I'm even whining about this, but my two favorite games on my phone won't load! I've force-quitted them, I restarted my phone, I deleted and reinstalled the apps, and then I just restored my entire phone to a backup from before they stopped working. None of it has done anything, and I'm still getting push notifications from them, so on some level, they are still working.

I can't emphasize enough that this is the whiniest whine that has ever been whined, and I swear I do have bigger problems in my life. But some of the stuff in the games is time limited! So if I can't play, then I miss it! I emailed the support team for one of the games, detailing the issue, and all of the stuff I did to try and fix it, and they just replied that I should force-quit the game (the very first thing I did, and have done about 500 times since the problem started, which I TOLD them), then marked the issue as resolved.

The issue is not resolved dammit! I finally get a really slow week at work, after 6 months of balls to the wall madness, and now my stupid time-killing game has shit the bed. And all my friends are playing it, and it works fine on their phones, and they keep texting me screen shots to ask my opinion on decisions they're making, and I just want to plaaaaaaaay.

God, I'm so sorry for all of this, I am such a child.