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So i have this hard painful lump in my armpit. The docs seem to think it'll go away on its own. But the darn thing keeps getting bothered by my bra (i'm not exactly a petite gal!). So yeah, ibuprofen is my friend. :/

We're now enjoying a break from the graduation parties, out of town company and just turned on the World Cup coverage to see Japan's goal. (We're both introverts and with all the event's we've hit maximum people time) So i'll be off and on this weekend. Oh and today i'm off my meds, so if things get weird, feel free to tell me to get off the interwebs ;)

So who you rooting for? Anyone else have grand weekend plans? Oh and i ate a strawberry off one of my plants, but i'm concerned for my tomato plant. I'll do a post on that later, when i'm not so spacy or in pain...


Random gif, cuz Saturday!

ETA: Giving up the emotional fight, going to head to the bedroom and just cry it out while icing my pit. For some reason i'm just emotional today... hate it when i get this way. blergh...

Oh and Cote' d'Ivoire's comeback was amazing!

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