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Welcome To The Bitchery
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My poor baby ferret

It looks like he managed to rip off one claw entirely and split two others!!! I am despondent! He was playing in our bedroom, and it looks like he caught one claw on the doggy stairs and split the others trying to free himself. Based on the blood trail, he then retreated deep into my closet. I had to trim the split nails so they don’t split farther, and it made him bleed more and I don’t know how I didn’t cry. We staunched the bleeding, and I held him swaddled in a towel while TeenSparrow called the vet. Since the bleeding is stopped, and he isn’t showing outward signs of pain, we can wait to take him in for a non-emergency visit tomorrow. I know he’s going to be ok, but I am way overly empathetic about my animals and this is just killing me. He’s my baby and I feel like I let him down, even if I know it isn’t true. It was just really hard holding him while he bled all over me. Even though I know he’s ultimately ok, I also know he’s in pain and there’s nothing I can do about it. 


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