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My husband comes from a time and place when you mostly fed your dog scraps from dinner, and the only things you didn't give them was chicken bones and chocolate. I, on the other hand, have a list of dozens of things the dog cannot eat in my head and insist that the dog only eat dog food, supplemented only sometimes by a morsel or two from the table.


I'm usually pretty good about policing my husband, but apparently he went overboard while my back was turned. He gave the kids' uneaten portions (so a small adult portion) to the dog as well as a bone from his steak. The dog had already eaten dinner, and there were some spices on the steak that aren't great for dogs.

Starting last night, he started throwing up and having loose BMs. The dog is utterly miserable, and my husband is ready to throw himself off a cliff out of guilt. At least he's admitted that I'm right about all things forever and ever. Makes cleaning up dog puke a bit more tolerable.

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