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When my parents picked him up at the "dog hotel" where he stays when they travel, my dad said he started coughing and hacking. He's a Pom and he's prone to a collapsing trachea - though that only happens when he's particularly excited or drinks water to quickly.

They sent me a picture of him right after they picked him up, and he looked so stressed - ears flat against his head, eyes super wide and freaked. It broke my heart. My brother texted me a video of him in the car on the ride home, and he was panting super hard and whining. He never whines like that. And his mouth was definitely turned down.

Now, he's coughing. My mom sent me a video of him this morning and it sounds bad, guys. Like, he's hacking and coughing and pacing. She said he'd been doing that all night - that he didn't even sleep. Just paced and coughed and coughed and paced.


We've boarded him at other places and, when we go to pick him up, he's pretty desperate to get back to us - but he's never been this unhappy and he's certainly never been sick.

He's getting old (10 years!) but aside from rare episodes with his trachea, he is healthy and fit. Is this just because he's getting old and the combo of an unfamiliar place, not being with his family, and lots of other dogs just too much for him now? I'm disinclined to think so.

ETA: My dad took him to his vet this morning, but I haven't heard back what she said.

My dad also said he smells like piss and shit - like he was just left in a dirty cage all day.


I want to burn shit down. My poor baby.

This is him in happier times, excited to be in the car.

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