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My poor kittens have herpes

One kitten with eye junk turned into two kittens with eye junk, sneezing, and excessive drooling - despite many antibiotics. I took them to the vet again today and it turns out they have feline herpes virus aka feline rhinotracheitis virus, which means there isn't a whole lot I can do except let it run it's course. I feel awful for them though. They both had fevers, but Luke has gained an ounce and Leia (the smaller, sicklier one) has gained two ounces in the last week, which is awesome.

They gave me a different antibiotic and some lysine chews to boost their immune system but Leia is hardly eating and won't eat the chews either. When I gave her the the antibiotics tonight her nose started bleeding a bit :( I will go try to buy them some wet food tomorrow. I'm kind of sad that I blew another hundred dollars at the vet for me "free" kittens.

They are still very active and incredibly cuddly and loving, though.


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