Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

The past few days he's been squatting around the house like he's about to pee, but didn't actually GO. I thought something was wrong then but my boyfriend said he was probably just being an asshole. Last night I caught him squatting and picked him up, belly up, to put him in the litter box. He squirted blood filled urine all over the wall (inches away from my face, so glad that didn't happen).

I called my vet today and they didn't have an apointment that I could make today, the closest one was next week, so I called anther vet in my area that I really didn't want to go to because they were pretty expensive compared to our regular vet. They fit me in today, ran a urine test and found large amounts of phosphate crystals and white blood cells in his bloody urine. They gave me two prescriptions to help with pain, discomfort, and frequency and an antibiotic to kill the infection, plus a prescription dry food, even though they recommended using more wet food. When I asked about what kind of wet food they said anything would be fine, but they recommended Pro Plan or Science Diet, of course. I figured those probably had a special formula for urinary issues. I go to the store and find nothing over the counter for that specific issue, only a prescription food, and no one at the store was able to recommend what kind of over the counter food would be best. I ended up buying Innova's senior wet cat food because it seemed to have the lowest amount of phosphates in it, and senior cats are more prone to bladder issues. Plus, we had him on Innova anyway. I get home and notice that the last time I bought food, the only dry Innova the store had in stock in the size bag I buy was the senior formula so now I'm worried that's what caused the issue in the first place.


He hates his medicine, and by the time he's done with it I'm probably going to be missing all of my fingers and torn to shreds. Good news is that he's already neutered, which I didn't know (this is my first time having a cat), bad news is my cat is uncomfortable and hates me. Oh, and I'm broke because I just got back from vacation, had to buy a new phone and pay for vet bills because I seem to pick animals that have expensive health issues. And I probably need to find a new vet because the last two times I had to take the dogs to the vet, they were emergencies and my vet was unavailable to see them and had to go to places that were super expensive and I wasn't satisfied with the care and experience. SO TODAY WAS WONDERFUL, YOU GUYS.

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