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My Precious! (and OT)

You guys, I’ve had the same purple and pink, tacky-ass Stanley-Bostitch stapler since 1998. She saw me through undergrad, crossed multiple state lines, served me through grad school, and has stapled thousands of my students’ papers over the last nine years. And yesterday? She froze up. Badly.


I tried to perform a staplectomy on her today, thinking that’d save her, and... well, she didn’t make it.

This is my own hubris— a few weeks ago, I bragged that my stapler had been serving me well since before many of my students had been born. I brought this on myself. And yet, it’s still so hard to say goodbye!

How are y’all? And does anyone have any stapler recs? I’m wondering about the embossing ones and/or the ones that punch the holes... although it seems tacky to be thinking about it so early. I do have to move on at some point. ;)

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