i have either horribly misplaced, or put in a very smart place a David Bowie autograph... I vaguely remember thinking, oh I should move this.

I hadn’t moved it in like 10 years. I’m not good at displaying things so it stayed in the container it came in. It’s not paper, and its signed to my actual name. The It’s very messy and his pen died while writing, but I can’t find it. The part he wrote my name is very legible, the other part, not so much. But I like that he wrote MY NAME. (No, I didn’t meet him, but won it through a very early web based contest.)

I’m worried my ex (ex#1)took it, knowing I don’t look at it.

I know he would lie about it, because he’s stolen from me and other people before and not considered it theft or wrong.

aka Oh, you didn’t really need that jar of change. Ya, when I house sit, I drink their booze, but I fill the bottles with water, so they don’t notice. They can always buy more. And other thing he’d write off as not stealing because “they’d never notice.”

Also ex#2 had also confessed to wanting to steal something of mine. So he is also a suspect, but him I’m not afraid of him and would kick his ass.


I’m gonna keep looking, because as much as I want it. I’m not sure if it’s worth inviting that asshole (ex#1) back into my life.