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Here are some random thoughts that I am gifting you cause I am bored at work:

•My breath stills smells/taste like garlic even though I brushed two times and use mouthwash before coming to work.

•When I first starting wearing these sneakers, they were hurting the back of my heel. Now everything is better...why?


•This building is freezing...

•LB Genius Fit Jeans really do have a genius fit.

•I work in a psych hospital and it is too quiet...way too quiet...

•The bugs think my hair is a great place to land for a few before flying off to bother someone. I have found 3 of those small moth like things. My head is not a Valero bugs can stop and rest at.

•Why don't we have a regular Groupthink After Dark post? Is it because everyone usually discusses things like that in posts during the day?

•A patient told me that if Jesus is called the Lamb of God and his mother is named Mary then that means the little lamb Mary had in the nursery rhyme was Jesus. Consider my mind blown.


•Like for real y'all, I am freezing.

•I get to play Portal this weekend...I'm so excited.

•There's a cricket staring at me...what should I do?

•I am addicted to the EOS chapstick. How does it stay round after so many uses?

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