So, usually I dress nice and go to work as a middle school teacher. Then I go home, go to the gym and chill with the hubs. Since today is Valentine's Day AND I scheduled a haircut for today I decided to put on my "pretty girl" costume. We all have one. Your eye makeup is on point, you're wearing something cute, you have a spring in your step. I had the luxury of sleeping in (I am sure that helped a lot). Then I decided to run some errands before my haircut. Usually I have to run errands looking like hell (after the gym or Sat. morning). Today I got amazing service and turned a lot of heads. I don't usually get bad service, but something about my extra special look today got me the best service. Maybe it was just a relaxed (no school today) vibe and friendly attitude. All I know is, my "pretty girl" costume needs to come out more often.