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My Principal just said what?

Something happened on the morning announcements this morning and I just need to vent a little. I have expressed my dislike of school uniforms in the past so this just really rankled me.

Since school started up on Monday, the Principal has been going around looking for kids who are out of uniform. I know at least one parent has been called to pick up their kid for not being in uniform, because I overheard it on the school walkie-talkies (Principal informing the office he was sending a student down).

Today he actually said, over the announcements “If you don’t have your uniform, perhaps you should stay home.”


So the clothes on the children’s backs are more important that their educations? A lot of kids only have 1 uniform, because they are expensive. So if something happens, their uniform gets dirty, and their parents don’t have the time, money to do a special load of laundry to clean it before the next day, the kid should stay home? Most of our students are apartment dwellers, so don’t own their own washer/dryers.


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