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My procedure was postponed...ugh. And a very specific requests for gifs!

So, I have a post that I'm much more excited about, but I thought I'd get this one out of my thoughts in the mean time...

I told you guys a little about my nerve disorder a couple of weeks ago & I had just come back home from my parents. After I shared that, I pulled out of my depression and started to feel some excitement because my procedure was coming up next week! But, yesterday the doctor's office called to reschedule. Apparently the procedure can't be done until September 17th now.


Short rant: {You can't just switch pain management doctors. It's a doctor that you have to leave on good terms with because you have to have a solid recommendation and record from them to transfer to a new practice. This is because of the fact that they write prescriptions for pain pills. Also, the procedures pain management doctors perform are relatively quick & decently expensive. I'm not saying that they abuse this power, but I might be saying that I think my doctor decided he didn't want to work the day after labor day so he rescheduled his procedures because he can afford to. He only performs procedures twice a month at one facility where he has privileges THAT has the equipment needed for my stupid procedure (read: fluoroscope) and the second time this month is September 17th!}

I don't feel as depressed as I did before- I realize that it's the 29th now and the 17th will get here eventually. But I'm really looking forward to life going back to some level of normal. Like occasionally going places again or baking- and no promises, but I might wear something other than leggings.

I'm making a specific requests for funny moments or gifs you like from: The Big Bang Theory, That 70's show, Halo & the League... I'm picky like that- I love these and love to see what moments or memes from them make other people smile.


(I love you all- I just don't have the mental fortitude yet to commit to adding new series so I'm holding off on Dr. Who until I can enjoy and actually remember it).

ETA: I really hate getting people in trouble at work. I know that when someone isn't doing a good job it's fair to say something, but I like to give people the benefit of the doubt whenever possible that maybe they're just having a really shitty day. However, my Dr.'s assistant is an idiot. To schedule the first procedure he called me 5 times within 2 hours because he had to keep changing what he was telling me. Now, I just got a phone call from scheduling trying to figure out why I cancelled some of my important appointments. I did not and I highly suspect the scheduling lady understood that when I told her that the dr.'s assistant had been adjusting my schedule. I'm taking a nap.

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