On Friday, at the end of my microbiology class, our professor told us we needed to talk about next week's lab. My reaction to what he said, in gifs:

"We are going to be studying our own gut flora, so there's only one way to do that..."

"...so you are going to have to bring in a fecal sample."


"So come down here and there is a kit for you to do this. You will just need to get a chunk and put it in this tube. Since the timing for this may be tricky for you, you can do it any time and then just put the sample directly into your freezer."

Student: "So....do we collect it after it is in the water?"

Professor: "Oh, no. It cannot be collected from the water! It will have to be taken mid-stream."


"I know that some people do not like to do this, but soon, everyone will be doing this and it will be quite normal."


"If you do this properly, you will get 7 extra credit points."