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Welcome To The Bitchery
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My raccoons are genius.

So, I posted that I actually caught a raccoon last night. It stayed in the trap all night. My husband got home around 6:45 this morning and said it was just chilling out, kind of casual when he came in. He said it was sitting in a reclined position with its hands on its belly.

About 20 minutes after that it escaped.

It worked the tuna can that we just had set in the trap underneath the pressure plate to prop it up and then muscled the door open.


I did talk to the animal control officer this morning, and she told me that, as long as they look healthy, the raccoons will be relocated about 10 miles away from where they were trying to nest in a home. She said that if it was a skunk, they would have to kill it on site (she really doesn't want us to catch a skunk.) She suggested we use ears of corn because the cats won't go after corn the way they do tuna or wet cat food. She was also impressed that it got out.

Animal control is only on call on the weekends so she asked that we not set the trap again until Sunday.

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