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My racist, crazy mother-in-law is coming tonight.

My racist, crazy, and mean mother-in-law disapproves of everything. Catholics (hey, that's me!), people who drink (me again!), Democrats (yep, me), minorities (not me), and just about anything else under the sun. She is the queen of passive-aggressiveness and loves to criticize everything about me to my husband as soon as I'm out of earshot. She also likes to try and undermine my husband and my parenting decisions when it comes to our step-daughter. Like if we tell her she can have water or milk with dinner at a restaurant my mother-in-law will order her a glass of lemonade, just because.

I hate this woman, with the passion of a thousand suns.

I swore I wasn't going to be this type of person when I got married. I really tried. I tried so hard, guys. I wasn't going to fill the stereotype of the woman who hated her mother-in-law.


I also didn't meet my mother-in-law before my wedding day.

Send prayers this weekend, people.

ETA: Oh I forgot to mention, she's also staying at my house, because there is either no God, or else God hates me. I can't decide which.

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