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Welcome To The Bitchery

Can I just vent for a bit? I'm in a graduate classes that's on education, urbanism and civil rights and the reading for it is depressing. I'm also taking a class that's an overview of American Indian law and that's also full of depressing readings too. It's even more depressing when i start making connections to my own life and family.

So far i've read a case about undocumented children being allowed to get some education. How bilingual education was rendered null because of xenophobia. And how Georgia used racism and cronyism to kick American Indians out of their land so they could transfer their wealth to white people.


I just want beer and fried food now. Have any of you also ran into this issue, where you know what you're reading is important but it's really emotionally difficult to get through? Any tips or hints to get through it? Thanks

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