Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

My Resolutions. Because they ain't real until you write them down.

Resolutions for 2014 ( Yes, I'm a bit late):

1) Get this whole becoming an attorney thing settled.
2) Work on objecting with the correct evidentiary basis. This has been my major flaw so far in my advocacy skills.
3) Pick up a non-law related hobby/skill. I'm thinking more model kits.
4) Increase daily run from 2-3 miles to 5.
5) Stop neglecting my friendships because of my workload.
6) Do more volunteer work outside of school.
7) Be less judgmental/cold towards people.
Get back on the studying Russian train.
9) Finish one of the 4+ Video Games that I have bought but haven't touched ( Damn you steam sale! 'shakes fist').
10) Be more disciplined about my lifting schedule.
11) Push my boundaries; be it with new people or experiences.


What are yours?

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