Without opening the windows or turning the vent to full-blast.

Normally, I wouldn't mind - because I love both those things! - but I was already feeling nauseated. The smell of the bacon and the fish combined with whatever else she's cooked for her lunch (and her godawful lotion which is like a Bath and Body Works version of Axe) have created a truly horrific smell. Like a fishmonger and a greasy spoon set up shop together and nobody washes anything ever - and the only patrons are Axe-using frat bros who can't stop farting.

My room is right next to the kitchen so yay gross smell in my room too! My stomach is turning, I am gagging. Don't mind me, just sitting under the open window in my room and trying not to retch.

There's no way she could have known so I'm not blaming her - but this was the last thing I needed upon getting home this morning.

Ugh. Wednesday can fuck right off. Forget doing laundry, I'm going to drink some seltzer and go to bed.