I have two roommates, lets say Bertha and Ernie. I knew Ernie was planning to propose, but he didn't have a timeline last we talked. The ring was bought, the parents blessing given, he just had to find the right time. Then he realized that they were going to be carving pumpkins together last night, so he suggested that they each pick a pattern, and not show each other until it was finished. Bertha chose Jack Skelington (sidebar: how freaking great is that Jack?) Ernie, obviously, had other ideas. He frantically whispered what he was planning to me while Bertha was in the bathroom. I freaked, then decided to go up to read in my room.

A few hours later, Ernie knocked on my door, and told me that she had said no. After my heart attack, he cracked up and said of course she'd said yes! So I punched him, and hugged her, and now my roommates are engaged! I'm so happy for them!