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Thanks so much to everyone who helped me through my shoe crisis! Zappos installment 1 arrived today and I am super pleased!


They fit perfectly, and are very comfortable. Here are pictures, but there's no good lighting in my apartment except in the bathroom. I stole my roommate's mirror for the second picture, and apparently it's really dusty so... whoops. The lighting in our apartment is so bad that I can't tell in real life. Dimly lit squalor for everyone!

Also, I'm getting my first professional massage tomorrow, and I'm quite excited. I've been so stressed out this month that I'm suffering both hair loss and amenorrhea, so I'm hoping this will be a restorative experience.

How are you treating yo'self?

(ETA: Sorry 'bout the formatting. I dunno how to make it any better. Also, I cannot NuKinja, apparently.)

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