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Sister gripes

My sister shared this video on facebook and although I agree with the sentiment, I just think it's too rich coming from her.

If you don't feel like watching, the link is to a video about empathy. Something neither of my sisters have. Especially this one. She is judgmental of anyone who does not share her exact beliefs, she is rude and just plain mean to family members, specifically my mom and me, and my aunts have expressed some problems with her attitude as well. This is not just me being a bitch to my sister, this is a legitimate problem she has with her attitude towards people. She has no empathy. She thinks she is the center of the world. She expects to have all the attention, but she conducts herself with an attitude that makes people not want to be around her. She has no concept of what other people might be feeling. It's all about her. It's always been about her. The fact that she seems to think that she can relate to people is laughable. She doesn't ever attempt to relate to people. All she's ever done is take from us. She sucks the life out of a room. I dislike being around her.


My mom felt very bad after a recent trip she took with both my sisters. I told this sister about it and said all she needed to do was speak to our mom in a different way. My mom is very sensitive, but she is also very reluctant to voice her problems, I said you just need to say things in a certain way and ask her a lot more what's wrong. My sister refused to even hear me out. She said she had enough problems to deal with and changing the way she talks to our mom wasn't going to happen. Now she's posting vids about empathy? lolololol

I'm resisting the urge to write something snarky to her so I'm just going to write this. If she is working on having empathy she has a looooooooooooooooooooooooong way to go. She's got a lot of bridges to rebuild. You get from the universe what you put out there and she has spent years spreading negativity and I am sick of letting her walk all over me and our family. I'm not going to allow her to parade around like she's some kind of saint who is so great to people when she can't even change her tone to make our mom feel better. I tell my parents thank you all the time for how they help me. My mom told me neither of my sisters have thanked her or expressed appreciation for her. That makes me really upset.

I'm just sick of other family members asking me about my sisters. I don't give a shit about them. I love them, they're family, but I have no real impulse to be around them ever. I don't care to check in with them because they are both very selfish and I don't need a one sided relationship. I don't need to try with people who don't deserve it.

My mom told me she didn't know how she raised them to be the way they are. I hope she doesn't feel this way about me, but telling me that really resonated, it's not just me that they've affected, other people see this too and it's a shame. I feel bad for them. But mostly I just don't want anything to do with them.


I don't need any validation, I just needed to say this here so I don't make an ass of myself on facebook. It's not worth the grief to even confront her sometimes so thanks for at least hearing me out.

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