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My Son Wears Dresses; Get Over It.

Is the title of an article I read today. While I don't claim to understand all the nuances of gender or sexuality, I really appreciate this father's approach in how he's raising his child. Especially given his background, his lack of exposure. He has one up on me since his family wasn't negative about different choices. It's difficult to learn that on your own, and mistakes are part of the process (so, if I'm making any in this post, please refrain from nailing me to the wall. Constructive correction is most welcome).

I grew up in a sports-oriented family. My father was a high school football and baseball coach and my mother was a professional surfer. I had one brother. Growing up, I don’t remember homosexuality or gender being discussed in my house. No negative talk. No positive talk. No talk about it at all.


I think it's his willingness to be accepting and loving no matter what that really gave me a thunk in the heart. While none of my children have explicitly stated their gender or sexuality preferences, I know that I am open to them, however they are. I wish I could say the same about their fathers (yes, different dads, somebody call Maury).

I especially liked this—

Here’s the thing. When you use those words as a way to degrade or get the upper hand on someone, you are implying that to be a man who is gay or effeminate is to be “lesser than.” Now, when I hear those words, I feel like you are calling my son and people like him “lesser than.” I won’t stand for that. Get a dictionary. Learn some new words.

If only more people could get on the same page. Being open to possibility and allowing children to grow into who they are instead of who we think they should be, well, that would be the bee's knees.

Photo from My Princess Boy. What a cutie!

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