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my strange day got stranger...

...since i am writing this post on my phone, from my hospital bed. that ear infection that i was complaining about these last few days turned into something horrific. it's called mastoiditis, which is infection of the mastoid bone behind the ear. from there, it spread throughout the soft tissues alongside the carotid artery, all down my neck. according to the doctors, if i'd waited even one more day before coming back in... well, it might not have been a happy ending.
i knew that the intense pain and swelling wasn't right, since i'd been on antibiotics since Friday morning, and it was just getting worse. 2 Percoset barely took the edge off. i was unable to open my mouth enough to eat (haven't had real food since Thursday), yawning brought me to tears, trying to lie on that side nearly made me scream, and my whole ear was so swollen that i have no hearing left. there was also some gross yellowy stuff coming out of the ear. i looked in the mirror, and the right side of my face and neck was more than twice the size of the left. and the pain? oh my god. the pain. indescribable.
i called my mom around 3pm, and she and my stepdad took me to the clinic, where the doctor took one look at me and said that she wasn't messing around, she was sending me to the ER for a CT scan. so they drove me to the hospital, where they did the scan, about a million blood tests, and swabbed my ear. i'm embarrassed to admit it, but i screamed when the dr did the swab. and that was after i'd gotten 3 shots for the pain.
they admitted me at 8pm, and started me on some serious antibiotics through the IV. i'm getting pain shots every 2 hours, and am on 3 different antibiotics. i'll probably be in hospital at least 2 days. the ENT doc is coming in the morning, and i'm not allowed to eat or drink until after i see him, just in case he decides that i need surgery to remove part of the infected bone (!) i'm trying not to think too hard about that one right now.
i'm going to go and try to get some more sleep now. i'll update tomorrow.


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