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My superfan starting to weird me out...

OK, so I wrote last time about this new clingy friend I met at a party? He's getting weirder and while my danger flags aren't raised all the way...they're at half mast. Maybe I'm reading this all wrong in misinterpreting awkward guy behavior as something I should be concerned about.

This guy is really awkward and desperately needs friends. I am willing to be a buddy - I get that he's lonely and misses speaking in one of his native languages (English is my first language, I only studied Japanese in school). His other friends in town (these are my friends who introduced us) like, really want us to be friends. I'm guessing it's so they don't have to have him cling to them all the time. Since I accepted his friend request on facebook before NYE, I have received about 60 notifications from him. He has liked tons of photos, commented on all the articles I post, posted pics to my wall - kind of overkill. Then on NYE, he wants to stop by my house before the party but I'm not there. He stops be again later that afternoon (while I'm still at work) to drop off gifts of Japanese food for me. Normally, I would think that's sweet but I just met this guy. It's a lot of food snack stuff.


Then, when he comes to the party, he says things that are kind of ... weird? When he steps in he says "Tadaima!" (means, I'm home!) so I don't know if that's something that's normal or not. When he left he said "Ittekimasu". I'm confused why these were said - I was pretty sure you only say these things with your own family.

I've gotten lots of messages from this guy since on Facebook asking me if I liked the food, I responded that it was good. Last night my husband called me (he's on a drill weekend in Chicago) to say that he's been calling him to ask for my phone number because he wants to hang out this weekend. Figured I might be lonely if he was out of town. I asked him not to give out my number and luckily, my husband answered that I can't really go out since somebody has to watch the kid. My husband thinks it's funny that I have superfan (super Eyore because he's super depressing to be around) but I'm weirded out. I know this guy is battling depression, is lonely, and needs friends but I'm starting to feel apprehensive/anxious?

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