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My sushi gets its own post

I was going to try to work this picture into an NYE thread, but I was too late to the party. I just wanted to share, because y'all are so important to me.
The rice was a little too wet, but other than that it turned out pretty good! Over the course of the evening, I think I made it through three rolls and a bottle and a half of bubbly. I was thinking about mimosas this morning, but while I'm not hungover, I'm just too dehydrated to start in right away.
These two rolls were my favorite. One had Sriracha shrimp, mango, and cucumber (and avocado for Mr, but I don't like it), the other had seaweed salad, carrot, and imitation crab.
Both kids ate sushi (mostly inari), had some sparkling juice, and made it til midnight to see fireworks. Mr.BT made it home from work at 11:30 and we all hung out in the driveway watching ALL the fireworks because they're apparently legal here. It kind of freaks me out because of all the dead leaves and clustered houses, but we didn't die in a fire.


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