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So yesterday, I got home from grocery shopping just in time to intercept the mailman. Which is good because he is new and is likely to misaim the mail. He looks like Questlove and Avery Brooks had a child and he deeply intones, "This is the cutest package I have ever seen."

He was right. Upon seeing it I knew it could only be from one person: Professor Pink.


That's Hello Kitty duct tape over the smallest shoe box in the world. There was also My Little Pony on there. The hand writing was very neat, and up seeing it I vaguely recalled my serial killer scrawl that is on the package I sent. The box is so durned cute, that I may just keep it to put stuff in. A jewelry box made of a shoebox and duct tape is very hipster chic right?

(Yes, I use the Pratchett collection as backdrops all the time. This is because this is the only thing I have that is really unified and is near a good light source.)

I showed it to my sister who agrees that it was the cutest package in the world. She advised though ripping into it like it was Christmas, but I was never that kid. Beside it was too cute. I carefully snipped through and opened it, and this was inside:


Look it's Mother approved! Just to try it out, later I showed it to my Mom and asked what she thought. She said, "You can wear the dove to church." I'm going to interpret that as its mother approved.

Also look at that cute little Death under it. I have literally no idea where it's from but I love it. It's like goth side and the 'That's what little girls are made of' side of my soul had a baby.


But what else is inside?



Look at them!

My sister said, "It's like Professor Pink has met you.


I love ORLY FX Black Pixal so much. I've never tried textured polishes before but I have no fear for it is black and sparkly. My sister said, "It's like the night sky. In the Arctic."


Apparently China Glaze's Galactic Grey looks as fantastic on the nail as it does in the bottle. I can't wait to try this out.

The last is Bomb Shell, and its so new that I couldn't find a swatch for it. But it's a sort of Gold with green and blue in it. Its possible that my quest for a nail polish that resembles a male Golden Stage Beetle is over.


Just for the record, my town is large if you are counting geography. It takes a very long time to cross other cities. However, if you are counting people there's not a lot and there's only a few departments stores here. The only one with any class is Belk, so there's not a lot of places to even find these.

Even if there was more, the odds are that I woudn't buy these for myself. I'm very cheap because I'm not rich and I have what feels like all the body-focused repetitive behaviors. I'm mostly in control (The hair pulling hasn't left me with bald patches since I was a teenager, and I haven't made myself bleed in a long time) but still it happens. Mostly, I see it as a waste of money paying more than five dollars for something that (odds on) I will probably bite off three days later (less time if I watch The X-Files).


So I shop clearance, Big Lots, and the cheaper things like Sally Hansen or Sinful Colors (it's a pretty good brand and I have no complaints), and I like it. I really don't dream of more amazing things.

And this is so fantastic for me to get. Thank you Professor Pink! I shall wear them on days that I don't watch The X-Files.

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