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My take aways from Iowa

1. Polls are essentially worthless. Last 8 polls Trump had a solid lead. He squeaks in second place.

2. Rubio will place a solid second in NH.

3. Pressure will mount on Christie, Kasich and Bush to drop out and support Rubio.


4. Iowa let’s call it a tie for democrats. Next time democrats should do caucus like the republican where actual vote count is shown. Also those under fifteen percent their choice should hold not have them choose for their second choice.

5. Sanders will win NH. If Clinton gets it withen five she will be well positioned to take Nevada and South Carolina.

6. Big winner tonight was Rubio he is now establishment candidate. I cannot picture Cruz finishing above third in NH. Kasich has momentum and could take third above Cruz in NH. New Englanders tend to have contempt for those who wear religion on their sleeve like Cruz.

7. Is there really a difference between Rubio and Cruz? Rubio just seems like a polite soft spoken version of Cruz. I was watching Rubio’s speech tonight and that’s all I thought of. Well maybe student loans.

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