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My team won the Cup!

Some of you will know I am a diehard Arsenal fan. One of those people who can barely stand the emotion of big games.

So we went 2 nil down 8 minutes in and I thought "oh yes, I remember this feeling, it's crushing disappointment" but then we pulled one back and the pressure on and then it happened the equaliser and suddenly we're dreaming of an historic cup comeback. But despite pressure and 3 or 4 great chances the game rolled on into extra time. And then each passing minute the fear of a penalty shoot out got greater and greater. Then with 11 minutes left the best player of the season Aaron Ramsey scored a dramatic winner.


After 9 long years with no trophies we are the winners of the FA Cup, the oldest football tournament in the world.

I then went out to the stadium with my mate to meet up with my brother and his mates and we hung out with a few thousand other fans, drank and sang. Now I am hungover and it's the nicest day of the year and I can't go outside because it's too warm and bright.

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